Year 6’s with the other Year’6s

I enjoyed being with the other year 6’s. I think I’ll have to try not to talk to much. I enjoyed doing maths games. I am looking forward for when we are making something for St. Patrick’s day. My favourite game was with the cards. My favourite card game was trying to make a number with the cards that were in the grid of cards on the floor. I was with Tash and Sahara when we were in groups. In the end Tash was trying to make a different maths game up. When me, Tash and Sahara were playing a game. The game is when you have three people and two had cards on their heads and the third person add them up and we had to try and find out the card on our head. Some how we all had sweaty heads, so the cards were sticking to our heads. I enjoyed being with the other year 6’s and I can’t wait till next time.

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About Ella Bella Cinderella

I am 10 years old and now live in NZ, but I am origanaly from the UK. I have 3 sisters maddie,amelia and zara. That is in the order of age I am the oldest. I love to cook and dance. I am best friends with Sahara and charlotte. Also natharsha which you can call her tarsh, tash and I call her tashy. Petra and caitlin. We play everyday together now thats enough about for now.

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